Art, in this case: music, is an important part of our societies. It influences and brings people together while changing opinions, raising moods and speaks out, sometimes in volumes.

At times just the emotional feeling from a piece of music is enough, the way it can rise and fall, move from one beat to another, taking you to another place outside of the intellect. Other times it can be a perfect vehicle for words that can be passed on through the ages and resung in times of struggle, the need for emancipation and freedom.

It can lyrically also be an introduction into another culture with the nuances, tones and slang.

It can be a road leading to another place, another time, one of hope and courage.

It can be a beautiful form of expression as one attempts to make sense of the world they live in and convey to others across the globe transcending language and time.

It is nothing short of communication.

And that is the reason for this album.

To communicate.

Photo taken by David Motta www.davidmotta.co.uk