Don’t Turn Your Love Away

Don’t turn your love away
I don’t think my heart could take it
Theres no time for horseplay
The night’s are long but I know I can make it
As I walk through the park
As the eve turns to dark
Romantic couples walk hand in hand
Don’t remove your love
Don’t leave me stranded here where I stand

Don’t ever change
Baby don’t meddle with a thing
Theres nothing about you thats plain
Honey you don’t need to fit in
Some feel so forlorn
So quick to conform
But baby you don’t need to lose yourself
Don’t fade away
Or try to be someone else

Where there’s love there’s pain
The two are welded at the hip
Bit there will never be any gain
If one chooses the safe road to live
A roll of the die
The horses they fly
Out of the gate how they run so quick
No time for regrets
Not with you honey, the perfect fit