The Darkness Is Coming

Strike a match, tell me
What do you see?
Are the plains barren?
How dead is the city?
They’re clearing out the poor
Witness the gentrification
The shadows they fall
So high they build the walls
They’re tearing down the hospitals
The darkness is coming

You can hear the horses screaming
As the wind bends over trees
Everybody’s lips are moving
But their words are so empty
Theres a small crack of light
Through the black blinds its bursting
The curtains are almost closed
The truth, nobody knows
For food, people line up in rows
The darkness is coming

They’re turning up the temperature
Boiling point, we’re not quite there
Politicians talk, contribute
With nothing but hot air
A small strip of light
Under the door it’s breaking
Who can you turn to?
How will you get through?
The everlasting night thats black and blue
Oh the darkness is coming

There is fire in the streets
For a while that will provide some light
People Are looting and burning
In the heat of the night
Violence has arrested the minds
In an age that is so confusing
There is no one to trust
Everything has started to rust
Ashes to Ashes dust to dust
The darkness is coming